What to Know About Buying a Boat

What to Know About Buying a Boat

All about buying a boat

Jetting down a river or even rowing around a lake in a dinghy, there’s nothing like escaping dry land and sailing off in a boat.

Unfortunately, buying a boat is a huge expenditure, and before signing on the dotted line, it helps to know the ins and outs of every aspect of your purchase. There’s a lot riding on it – and in it – and there are many hidden pitfalls to consider when choosing a life investment like a boat.

Common errors people make when choosing a boat

We’ll guide you through the common errors people make when choosing a boat, in turn, steering you towards making the right choice. Take a look at what to know about buying a boat at our check-list of points to consider when buying a boat, as well as reviews of places to buy them, and our guide as to the different types of vessels and models available on the market. And in order to get the most comprehensive overview possible, take a look at our guide to useful boat buying websites. There are some extremely informative sites out there which will guide you through the finer points of boat buying – all of which we’ve rated.

Of course, the work, and not pleasure, is traditionally what the boat was intended for. Nowadays, it’s anything from fishing, to exploring or simply lounging around on the ocean in style.

Boating as a leisure pursuit

In the nineteenth century came the rise of boating as a past time, a leisure pursuit for the well-to-do. Watching the wind batter the sails and dipping a hand in the water provides the same thrill today as it ever did, though our boating options have increased a hundred-fold: we can now opt for powerful, adrenaline-fuelled boats that open up to massive speeds as the throttle creeps forward or luxury cruisers with as many facilities on offer as houses. In growing numbers, people are choosing to live on boats, even in big cities like London. It’s an alternative lifestyle with distinct advantages: if you like you can wake up in a different place every day.

In Venice, Gondolas has long been the only practical form of transport to get around the sea-born city.

Boats are the stuff of myths and legends: the story of the Titanic continues to fascinate and capture the imagination 100 years from the time when it sunk, while the defeat of the Spanish Armada forms a sizeable chunk of Spain’s national identity.